Registration help.

Registration help.

Future Master Applicants

1. Online Registration...complete the step by step application process online,

Step-1 Register... Login and complete a user name (the name that you will be identified at the Future Masters) and a password.

Each applicant must be registered under his own e-mail address i.e. if parents are registering siblings each child must have a separate email to login.

Step-2 Complete your on-line application...Please complete all information. The selection is based on information submitted in your application. Include golf tournaments that you have played within the last 2 years, number in that field and where you placed in the field.

Step-3 Upload your picture...A school picture is required. This photo may be used in media, printed materials, on the digital scoreboard, etc.

Step-4 Make payment using PayPal/Credit Card...PayPal is a secure site that charges most credit cards.

Step-5 Submit your application...Applications will be reviewed on April 30th for the selection to be completed on May 1st. If you submit your entry early, you may update your application at a later date.

• Your entry will be accepted by special invitation which will be delivered via mail.

• This form is NOT an invitation. An invitation will be mailed separately.

• Please get your entry in early to be considered for selection on May 1, 2024.

• You will receive your acceptance or regret shortly after May 1, 2024

• After each age group is filled, replacements are filled from a waiting list.

• Entry fee is not refundable after June 11, 2024.

• Withdrawals must be made by phone, letter or email.

• No caddies allowed. 10-Under will be provided a scorer. Their bag will be placed on a cart and driven by the scorer. The player must walk.

• Pullcarts will be allowed for all age groups during practice and tournament rounds.

• Yardage measuring devices will be allowed for tournament play.


2024 Program of Events
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Entry applications and tournament program of events will be available to contestants in January each year.  

The Future Masters has become the proving ground for future PGA Champions. Click here for a look back.  

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